Looking to the future

To arrive in good health!

Since the ambulette began operating (in the middle of 2021),
it has transported hundreds of people every month. This
transportation is vital for those with limited mobility!

The Need​

Transportation of the ill and disabled to receive
treatments in a manner which will save them the
travails of independent or public transportation

What this includes

A handicapped-accessible ambulette that is equipped
to transport those who need dialysis or other ongoing
treatments in medical centers in Jerusalem and other
more distant locations. The service is provided at a
nominal cost.

Book transportation quickly and easily

Conditions for booking transportation

Book transportation 48 hours in advance.
Nominal fee, to be paid in advance at the time of booking.
Standard size wheelchair. Not too wide, so it will fit in the lift.
One accompanying person - mandatory.

Clarification: All pick-ups and drop-offs are made from the sidewalk at the specified addresses

Please fill in the journey details