Website regulations


“Refuit Medical” Registered Association Website Regulations

This is the official website of the “Refuit Medical” Association, Registered Association #580660785.

Any use or browsing on this “Refuit Medical” internet site, and likewise, any contribution made via the website, comprises agreement in advance to what is stated in these regulations, and to all the terms that are established in these regulations.

The contributions that are transmitted via the website are for the benefit of the registered association’s objectives and its needs, as registered by the Registrar of Associations. See the “Certificate of Registration of the Association” on this website.

A contribution that is made via the website cannot be canceled, since the Association uses the contributions immediately.

Wherever the internet site or regulations uses the male or female gender, it refers to both genders, unless stated otherwise.

By contributing, the donor is affirming that he is 18 years of age or older, and that he is the legal holder of the credit card which is being used to execute the contribution.

The “Refuit Medical” Association absolves itself of any responsibility for any illegal use by a website user, or any activity by any body that is not within the association’s control.

“Refuit Medical” Association will be permitted to use the personal information of the user of this website for the Assocation’s internal needs only.

On the other hand, the Association is obligated to delete any personal user information on this website, and not to make any use of this information for the needs of the Association, if the user makes an explicit written request regarding this.

The Association affirms that the objective of the content and information on this website is to inform the website user about the operations and services of the “Refuit Medical” Association.

The Association will not bear any responsibility for direct or indirect harm of any type as a result of browsing on this site. 

If the website has links to or mentions other websites or bodies, the Association is not responsible for any direct or indirect harm that will be caused to the user as a result of his surfing and his impressions of and reactions to other websites or bodies. We are not responsible for any information that will appear on these other websites and in other bodies.

The “Refuit Medical” Association, which operates the website, will not be considered as a body that violates the privacy obligation or as one who violated the privacy of the user because of any information, as defined in the 1995 Computer Law, in which it will be possible to identify the user or to investigate him by someone else, through the use of various electronic communications means.

The operator of the website does not, Heaven forbid, transmit personal information about the user to a third group. Despite this rule, there is nothing to prevent the operator of the website from transmitting such information when it will be required in the framework of any legal proceeding and any demand and/or summons which it will receive from the Israel Police and/or a court.

Whoever does not agree with one or more of the terms of these regulations, is requested not to use this website.

This set of regulations is subject to the laws of the State of Israel. Any interpretation of these regulations, any dispute, and any action that comes from it will be done in accordance with the laws of the State and will be determined by the authorized courts.