Distribution of medications

Medication distribution for the needy

The Center operates during the daytime, and in emergencies, 24 hours a day.

During the course of a year, the Center provides medications for 4,000 people.

Our angels of kindness, Moshe and Penina Kugel, initiated this project a short time after their marriage in 5752 (1992).
Like every project, it began with a small step.
As a natural result of the Kugels’ inherent kindness, they were always ready and available to give non-prescription medications from their personal medicine cabinet to their neighbors and friends when the pharmacy was closed.

The Kugels gradually found themselves very busy distributing medications, and in 5755 (1995), the Kugels upgraded this service by designating an official medicine cabinet in their home for the distribution of medications, taking upon themselves all the accompanying expenses. 

Initially, the Kugels established specific times of distribution during normal daytime hours, but anyone who knows the Kugel family knows that saints don’t limit their hours of operation.

In actuality, people contact them and come at all hours of the day and night in urgent and/or emergency cases to request medications, especially on Shabbos and holidays, when no pharmacy is open. These cases occur on an everyday basis.
Rabbi and Mrs. Kugel have efficiently and devotedly managed the medication distribution unit for over 26 years.
The great feedback that the Kugels receive from the public about the help and relief that the medications bring them far outweighs the physical and financial difficulties of this project. Thank G-d, this project continually expands.
The medication distribution project is now an important part of the array of services provided by “REFUIT MEDICAL”.