Medical equipment loan center

Medical equipment loan center

The center lends hundreds of types of medical equipment items and aids to those who need them, ranging from “standard” equipment like tens of types of crutches and wheelchairs suitable for every age and every medical condition, to accessories for men and women with rare motor and/or medical problems.

These medical equipment items greatly ease the suffering of the unfortunate patients who require these aids.

center operates 24/7

People who borrow these items tell us frequently how much they benefit from this compassionate service and how much it helps and eases the situation for them or for their family member. 

Officially, the center is open during daytime hours, staffed by valued volunteers under the direction of the outstanding, empathetic Rabbi Moshe Kugel and all his family members who live nearby.

In reality, the loan center operates 24/7, including Shabbos and holidays, whenever an urgent caller requests to be supplied immediately with any type of vitally important medical item.